Who Are We

Caetano Coatings started its activity in 1991, at Carregado, about 30 km from Lisbon, Portugal, integrated in the Salvador Caetano Group, as the industrial division of grit blasting, metallization and painting of ferrous and non-ferrous materials.

Since then, it has been spreading its activity to new areas of business, like painting of components for the automotive industry and industrial pavements, registering a sustained growth through the years and investing intensely in innovation and several technologies of industrial coatings and surfaces treatment applicable to several industries, exporting 95% of its production.

In 2007, Caetano Coatings became a public limited company and in the beginning of 2010, after a shareholder restructuring, it came to be held by Parinama – Holdings and Investments, SGPS, SA.

Today, the Company offers a broad range of automotive services based on technologies as diverse as liquid painting, Bright Dip Anodizing, powder painting, cataphoresis painting.


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