Caetano Coatings Installs New Liquid Paint Line

pintura liquida_cc

It was necessary to study and develop a new, more technologically advanced liquid painting line to cope with the new type of parts to be painted in order to meet market requirements.

With this new line will be possible to win new projects, which until then was not possible with the existing paint lines on the premises.

The new paint line is compact, multi-purpose and high-performance with excellent gas, electric and water consumption performance and safe fire risk.

Equipped with the latest technology, it allows the painting of parts with a frame stopped in the application area. This innovation enables a better application of painting on highly complex and uniform parts of the various layers of paint between the various parts zones and between the various parts in each frame.

The ability to fit 5 permanently rotating spindler mini-racks allows small parts to be painted with high productivity and quality gains with increased ink transfer rate, thus reducing raw material waste.

Equipped with 9 robots with 6 degrees of freedom for complex geometry blowing, flaming and painting operations and process stability (where 1 of the robots will be dedicated to research and development of rapid prototyping programs without the need for line stop and productive resources). ).

This total investment of 6.9 M € was funded by the European Union under the PT 2020 innovation incentive scheme, with a corresponding funding of around 3.4 M €.

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