PROJECT Nº: POCI-02-0853-FEDER-000593

The project NEW NET PAINTING LINE is a project supported under the PT2020 which consists of the introduction of a new line of surface treatment and painting of automotive parts with differentiating characteristics that make it a pioneer in the automotive sector, especially in the Iberian Peninsula and at the international level. European. This project took place at the Company's premises in Carregado, Portugal (National Road 3, Km 1), being framed in the Center area.


Project Summary:


Check here how the new Caetano Coatings treatment and painting line went through the works.



PT2020 Dez2016

More than 3,500 companies have received € 461 million from European funds from Portugal 2020, announced Pedro Marques, Minister of Planning and Infrastructure.

"These investments allow us to contract more 10,000 jobs when projects reach full speed, and another two billion euros of exports," said Pedro Marques, after a visit to Caetano Coatings, in Carregado, Vila Franca de Xira.

Caetano Coatings is one of the companies benefiting from these funds, which used them to build a new wet painting line for automotive OEM's such as Ford or Volvo.

The Minister also said that the 461 million euros of incentives reflect an increase of 151 million euros (49%), compared to the incentive values of the previous year, under the National Strategic Reference Framework (NSRF).

"A year later [the new government] we did a good job and the country is better," said Pedro Marques, adding that he already has the necessary conditions to be able to say that by the end of 2017 that at least one billion euros will be reached and deliver to companies under Portugal 2020.

The ceremony at Caetano Coatings was also attended by the Secretaries of State for Internationalization, Jorge Oliveira, Development and Cohesion, Nelson de Souza, and Deputy and Commerce, Paulo Alexandre Ferreira.


Photo: Minister of Planning and Infrastructure Pedro Marques, on a visit to industrial investment made with Portugal 2020 funds, Vila Franca de Xira, 21 December 2016 (Photo: Tiago Petinga / Lusa)

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Caetano Coatings Installs New Liquid Paint Line

pintura liquida_cc

It was necessary to study and develop a new, more technologically advanced liquid painting line to cope with the new type of parts to be painted in order to meet market requirements.

With this new line will be possible to win new projects, which until then was not possible with the existing paint lines on the premises.

The new paint line is compact, multi-purpose and high-performance with excellent gas, electric and water consumption performance and safe fire risk.

Equipped with the latest technology, it allows the painting of parts with a frame stopped in the application area. This innovation enables a better application of painting on highly complex and uniform parts of the various layers of paint between the various parts zones and between the various parts in each frame.

The ability to fit 5 permanently rotating spindler mini-racks allows small parts to be painted with high productivity and quality gains with increased ink transfer rate, thus reducing raw material waste.

Equipped with 9 robots with 6 degrees of freedom for complex geometry blowing, flaming and painting operations and process stability (where 1 of the robots will be dedicated to research and development of rapid prototyping programs without the need for line stop and productive resources). ).

This total investment of 6.9 M € was funded by the European Union under the PT 2020 innovation incentive scheme, with a corresponding funding of around 3.4 M €.

Caetano Coatings: PME Exelência 2018


In partnership with Turismo de Portugal, I.P. and the leading banks in the country, IAPMEI distinguished, the best SMEs - dynamic, financially sound companies, which have stood out through their innovation strategies and internationalization skills. Caetano Coatings is pleased to once again be among the best in Portugal, a high reputation status that is proud to maintain.


Caetano Coatings is at IZB 2014


Caetano Coatings is at the IZB International Suppliers Fair 2014, which is aimed at all automotive industry suppliers.

The IZB was first hosted in 2001, being this its 14th edition. It has been running in Wolfsburg, in Germany, since the 14th October and today (16) is its last day.

This in an excellent opportunity to meet high quality automotive suppliers of several areas and to give people the chance to go to seminars concerning the topic. This way, Caetano Coatings is there to show its work of undoubtable quality, its professionalism and seeking to always update its knowledge in the automotive industry.

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