Caetano Coatings owns the Environmental License no. 22/2008, assigned on March 5th, valid until 2015.

Please download the document below in order to become aware of Environmental Requirements to fulfill during the provision of the service.

pdf  Environmental Requirements

Best Practices

Gaseous effluents

Caetano Coatings owns several types of systems for control of gaseous emissions and good practices, namely:

  • Pickling booths without external effluents emissions;
  • Ventilation and treatment system of the air inside the industrial painting pavilion by activated carbon filters;
  • Heating of gas and furnaces with natural gas;
  • Gas depuration system by a Scrubber washer.


Liquid effluents

Caetano Coatings owns an industrial wastewater treatment plant, where all the liquid effluents from all areas of production converge.

The development of the treatment of waters associated with washing vats (75% of the effluent's volume) by reverse osmosis, with reuse in the production process, is being studied.

At the same time, Caetano Coatings has strongly invested in its chemical processes, having completely eliminated the pretreatment based on Chromium VI and sodium nitrate.

No organic components are used in degreasing operations, but only acidic and alkaline aqueous solutions of mineral origin.

Recirculation cascade in washing operations in pretreatment lines;

Industrial wastewaters separated by type of effluent;

The paint used in the cataphoresis is of aqueous base, Chromium and Lead-free.

The cataphoresis has also systems of paint and washings ultrafiltration after painting, to optimise the paint consumption and minimise the discharge of wastewater.

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