Quality System and Certifications

Our processes are designed to optimize the production to create parts with the best surface finishing and performance. We certify that the products were coated consistently with the costumer’s specifications.

We involve the customer from the beginning to ensure our process is optimized to meet their expectations.

Caetano Coatings strive to develop and maintain a high level of quality and skills to meet their customers’ high requirements. Currently, we hold three ISO certifications.
To us, these management systems are embedded within our organisation, ensuring we have effective controls, processes and governance in place.

ISO 9001:2015

IATF 16949:2016

ISO 14001:2015

Research &
Development (R&D)

Our 230,000-square-meter facilities located in Portugal include a modern Research & Development (R&D) Centre, which enables us to create solutions that represent Caetano’s philosophy of innovation.

Caetano Coatings enhance its innovation capabilities with continuous investments, to further strengthen collaboration with the automotive industry and to offer new coatings process.

Engineering Services for Line Design and Assembly

Caetano Coatings is a Full-Service Supplier able to design, reformulate and assembly of Surface Treatment Lines together with our partners.
We are also able to convert and refurbish existing lines.


  • E-Coat Painting
  • Wet Painting
  • Anodizing with Electro-Polishing
  • Powder Coating
  • Flat Bed
  • Pre-Treatment Tunnels (Powerwash) by Spraying and/or Immersion
  • Chemical Stripping by Immersion or Spraying
  • Pyrolysis Ovens

Artificial optical inspection of defects

  • Study for application of technology of optical inspection of defects that seeks to minimize the errors made by operators, preventing the delivery of defective parts to customers and avoiding rejection of parts OK.
  • Allows a strict control of the quality of the parts being possible to control the criteria of the visual quality of a stable and controlled way.

Anodizing with resistant sealing at pH 13.5

  • New technology for sealing parts anodized as an alternative to existing technologies in the market by fulfilling the requirements of resistance pH > 13.5;
  • Possibility of integration in anodizing line as a replacement for a few steps from current sealing with less handling of parts;
  • Possibility of leadership position in the market by Caetano at a lower cost than the competition;

Plastic injection moulding with integrated ink injection

  • Supplement to the plastic injection moulding for indoor and outdoor, allowing a completely orange peel-free appearance and with a cure similar to plastic injection moulding;
  • Focus on parts of high gloss black;