Research & Development

Research & Development

Research & Development 1600 1200 Caetano Coatings

The Research & Development area is a core axis in Caetano Coatings’ business strategy, allowing a rapid adaptation to technological challenges and an effective response to the needs imposed by the market. It is in this sense that Caetano Coatings works innovation in a logic of developing different types of greener and more efficient production processes, as well as new technologies applied to various areas, including the automotive industry.

Annually Caetano Coatings invests in the evolution of its production lines, which aims at a market leadership strategy associated with excellence in the scope of customer experience in the after-sales area.

The main R&D areas/projects:

  • Development of new powder coating methods
  • Increased strength of anodized parts at pH 13.5
  • New chemical spray stripping processes
  • Plastic injection with integration of paint on the paint injection;
  • New technologies for visual inspection of paint defects
  • Innovative pre-treatment and painting methods

Our 230,000 square meters Industrial Cluster located in Portugal include a Research and Development (R&D) Center that allows us to create solutions that represent Caetano’s philosophy of innovation.

In the last year, investment in the R&D area was extremely representative given the challenges facing the sector and the calendar and it will continue to be a strategic bet for Caetano Coatings in the coming years.

Soon we will tell you about all the stages of our R&D processes.